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Advantage of HoliCity

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HoliCity covers an area of more than 20km2 of the London city from 6,300 viewpoints, which dwarfs previous datasets based on LIDAR technology. Here, we show the coverage map that is aligned with Google Maps and compares it against the Oxford RobotCar dataset under the same scale.


We carefully align the panoramas with the 3D models. We show the reprojection error of annotated points between the images and the CAD model. We find that for an average image, the median reprojection error is less than half a degree and the 95th percentile does not exceed 1.2 degrees.

Features and Comparison



HoliCity provides labels to support learning-based methods for outdoor environments. We demonstrate the results on tasks such as holistic surface segmentation and normal estimation. Please refer to our paper for more details.



This dataset is distributed by Professor Yi Ma's group at the EECS Department of UC Berkeley. It is made available for non-commercial purposes only, such as academic research, teaching, scientific publications, and personal experimentation. You must agree to the HoliCity Terms of Use before downloading.

Instructions: [github] [arxiv]
Downloads (scene): [cad] [pano] [pano-geo] [pano-dpth] [split]
Downloads (perspective): [image] [geo] [dpth] [nrml] [plane] [semantic] [vanishing points]

Disclaimer: The street-view panorama imagery is owned and copyrighted by Google Inc. The CAD models used to make the dataset are owned by AccuCities Inc. The refinement of images' geographic information and rendering of CAD models are done at UC Berkeley. For commercial usage of the dataset, one must seek explicit permissions from each of these rightful owners.


photoYichao Zhou
UC Berkeley
photoXili Dai
UC Berkeley
photoLinjie Luo
photoZhili Chen
photoYi Ma
UC Berkeley

Contacts: Open an issue on Github or mail to Yichao Zhou ([email protected]).


This work is sponsored by a generous grant from Sony Research US. We'd also like to thank Sandor Petroczi and Michal Konicek from AccuCities for the help of their London CAD models.


If you find HoliCity useful in your research, please consider citing:

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